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Work, TONIGHT was actually okay. i'm sorry, and i hate to say it.. but it didnt suck.

oh well, i'm sure there will be plenty of other times that it will suck.

i just wanted to remind myself that i rock.

im still trying to figure out exactly how im going to paint this HANG-OUT room of mine.. i dunno, i'll probably be having a painting/pizza party or something crazy like that eventually. i mean i have to buy the paints and all that shit
of course, and yeah i need to get a very good idea of what im doing before i just go and do it.

im thinking of slightly stealing the diamond-y thing from candices house, but to alternating colors like red blue and yellow. cuz i thought it'd be crazy and stuff. anyhoo.. BLAH. lol, thats just cuz i dont wanna paint MY ROOM.. cuz theres way too much crap in there.. and pretty much.. this has all been useless babbling of the keys.
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