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i am going to new york
and i burnt myself some cd's
to listen to on the ride there
and back.
oh boy i get to eat cake.
and i don't care how many teeth i have,
i WILL stuff my face.

if i don't get a comment on this meagannnn
then i'm going to scream
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woah man. we're not hot asses
yes ma'am heres a comment


lol, yeah.. well ya know... in a non sexual way... lol, sorry!

OH.. i dunno how true it is, but tony coy and jon m told me that ashley nelson is a lesbian. i guess apparently she came home to her mother and said "well guess what, im a lesbian" apparently her and brittnay lehoux (however you spell ehr name) are together...

weird huh
hahah yeah, good thing you added that "in a non sexual way" muahahhaha

thats weird. but i believe it

ehhhh oh well its how the cookie crumbles in our town
lesbiansare weird... and gross...


vagina breath
vagina breath
thats funny
is penis breath any better?
i dont know
well.. i really dont know the answer to that, since i am orally challenged
well...ya see...ummm

alright. i'm...crazy...
i dont know how to answer it either, though :-X
well, that sucks that christianna has like... done that.. um HAND JOB to a guy.. and i havent even done that. i mean.. how gay



i hate it
yeah meg i hear ya. except well..i have done that. so jump on the boat. lol. anyway...yeah its alright meagan. and plus if people are like grossed out by it...they might be like....not as cool as someone like you who actually wouldn't get grossed :)
lol.. well, unless they have a penis like mikey's

his was funny lookin, dont you agree..

lol, poor kid
yeah. that was weird. alll uncircumcised i wouldn't like that up my
lol.. yeah that was a funny day tho. he said "my penis is uncircumcised" and we were like "ooh i wanna see" and he was a little baby and wouldnt show us the floppy pile of skin. (he drew us a picture) and eventually, going into your sneaky closet we saw it.. lol, with Jon right out in the other part of the room (funnnny man) and then we were like "AHH thats grossssss"
lol.. gross, but very amusing.
lol meagan i remember that day very vividly...and ya know what!?!?!? it was very silly and somewhat enjoyable in a non sexual-but amusing way
i miss days like that... we need someone half-way decent to show us their silly penis for no reason, again. or something weird like that.

OH.. at work today, i stole a tube of KY jelly lubricant


lol, im an idiot. its so cool
lol lubricant...what are you going to do with it??? hmmmm us sexually frustrated teen chica's have no real use for lube, unless we like something odd with it like put it in peoples eyes or hair or something..

lol, someone to show us their silly penis...thats cute...penis's are silly and interesting ;)
lol.. well, exactly; the thing about the personal lubricant, as it says on the label.. well.. i just thought it'd be fun to
A.) not support the place i work for
B.) Have something that would make me think about sexual craziness
C.) Squirt on people.

the end

oh, yes. penis's are silly...
lol. not support the place you work at by stealing from it. spoken like a true awesome kid. and...i think it'd be funny if you bought it to school tomorrow and squirted it on people :-D
i SHOULD squirt it on people.. that'd be mondo RADDDDD! woah, that was classic 80's sufer lingo there, lady!


okay.. i will remember.. the lube. MUAHAHA and i will def. squirt it at people...
lol. we should gather people for a MASTURBATING school!

now THAT would be mondo super tubular rad!!!
Totally tubuloso!! MONDO NOTION.... but, how?
nope i'm not going to masturbate...for a while. just to see how i react...sort of an "experiment"(too much science these days) but yeah...still bring the lubrication to squirt on everyone!!! it'll be cool. and fantastic.

i hate society
see!! i did those "experiments" for a liong time. like ya know, what i mean. and you always thought i was CRAZY. i just wanted to do them... MUAHAHAHAHAHA. now you'll see how annoying it is....

lol, not to sound BLAH. but right now, i eat, sleep, and breahte... that shit. lol...

(ahh not cool. regreting saying that. going to IN THEORY shoot myself in the face.. stupid girl)
well i dont have anything to do that tooooooo. so yeah ya know what fuck it. and guessss what!!1!!11!!!1111!!!!!!!oneoneone!!!111111

i didn't do it last night. and it was hard. lol yeah i'm gooood. now if i dont do it tonight. then i will be like oh man i'm the master.....if i go a week. welll idk hopefully i dont kill anything.

lol i dont care if you constantly masturbate!!